Addison and steele selected essays from the spectator

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The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers from the Spectator by

One time to speak of Sir Richard Steele with an air of patronage and pity. Possibly Lord Ma,caulay's unjust depreciation of Steele has driven some of his admirers to estimate him too hy ; and yet, when once his im- perfection as a literary artist has been admitted, it would be difficult to do so.

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7 Hoey's Court, Dublin, on the 30th of November 1667, a few months after the death of his father, Jonathan Swift (1640-1667), who married about 1664 Abaile Erick, of an old Leicestershire family.

The <b>Spectator</b> Club. Sir Richard <b>Steele</b>. 1909-14.

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You can add notes or queries to any part of the poetic text by simply clicking on the line in question and filling in the annotations form with your details.

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Is the account of the final hours of Marcus Porcius Cato (95–46 B.

Addison and steele selected essays from the spectator:

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