Addison and steele selected essays from the spectator

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The Spectator Club. Sir Richard Steele. 1909-14.

JONATHAN SWIFT, Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin, British satirist, was born at No.

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Lord Macaulay confirmed this impression by declaring, with his wonted love of forcible and exaggerated statements, that any five of Addison's essays in the Taller were more valuable than all the two hundred numbers in which he had no share. And as a man, too, there was much about Steele to win affection.

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Because he could not write with the delicate art of Addison, he was regarded as an essayist whose reputation was in large measure due to his friendship with a greater man. Steele is careless, and occasionally slovenly in composition ; but his vivacity, his pathos, his sincerity, his art in telling a story, are qualities that give life to literature and make it easy to overlook defects.

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British literature is literature in the English language from the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands.

Addison and steele selected essays from the spectator:

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