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Belgian University Master Thesis Programme

University students enrolled in an engineering, industrial engineering or physics undergraduate programme at a European or American university can carry out their final year or master project at a laboratory of the von Karman Institute under the supervision of a VKI Faculty member.

Risk Management and Quality Assurance Through the Food Supply.

By reading discussion forums on internet, pet owners become more interested in an alternative way of feeding their dogs besides commercially available dog food.

Foren non-Belgian University <i>Master</i> <i>Thesis</i> Programme

Pe ce condiţii va crea o coaliţie în Parlament blocul „Alegerea.

In this study, research was done to see whether a relationship exists between feeding dogs raw meat and the development of a patent infection with N. The slides were examined microscopiy for oöcysts of Isospora spp Sarcocystis spp. The orin of the meat is probably of great importance. No snificant association between dogs that did eat raw meat and a patent Isospora spp. Neither dogs that did eat raw meat from intensively kept meat producing animals and free-range meat producing animals nor the that has been fed with fresh meat versus frozen meat and patent infection with Isospora ssp.

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Master thesis frozen food belgium:

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