Bash assignment

By killer19 | 18-Sep-2017 12:08
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Bash - local variable assnment not respecting command.

Bash doesn't seem to like dereferencing a variable within another variable assnment like what I'm trying to do.

Assnment 1 Aug 24-30 Git and bash intro -

You can use variables in bash as in any programming language.

Conditionally assn value to variable in <i>bash</i> Code Chewing

Advanced Bash Shell Scripting Guide - Operators

This was questionable decision even at the time when Unix run of machines with just 2MB of memory.

CIT050 Assnment Programming bash

I was reading this question and answer: zsh - variable assnment isn't working. Why does the local variable assnment fail in that case ?

Bash assignment:

Rating: 95 / 100

Overall: 94 Rates

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