Gonzalo frasca phd thesis

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Moving between the deep analysis of the Funkhouser’s and the hh-level abstraction of Eskelinen’s will give readers an exhilarating sense of just how new media is changing our aesthetical experience and our way of thinking and writing about the textual experience.

Simulation versus narrative

Both books engage new media works and practices in ways that are transformative of the conceptual apparatus and tools of literary theory and literary analysis.

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Despite their age and prevalence, abstract games are often overlooked in contemporary discussions of games and meaning.

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By Gonzalo Frasca I must confess something that may end my career as a videogame reviewer for good. While I never read any of his books, I hated him as soon as I installed The Hobbit, an adventure game from the early ehties on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Gonzalo frasca phd thesis:

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