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Wiley Once-Told Tales An Essay in Literary Aesthetics - Peter Kivy

His theory of taste and beauty is not entirely orinal, but his arguments generally display the keen analysis typical of his best work.

Essay Concept Art - Henry Flynt

The topic questions are a kind of list of aesthetic issues. But what puts something on the list, or keeps it off?

Eastern Bloc <strong>Aesthetics</strong> <strong>Essay</strong> Feature NOT JUST A LABEL

BEYOND AESTHETICS Philosophical Essays

This paper aims to show through an analysis of Diderot’s art criticism on the cal and philosophical levels linked to a philosophical reflection ed “aesthetics of operation” or “metaphysics of art” the emergence of modern art criticism linked to a conception of work, or aesthetic specialization, in connection with the merging of the fine arts, which are disseminated throughout culture in different ways.

Aesthetics and Anaesthetics Walter Benjamin's Artwork Essay. - jstor

In the concluding paragraphs of this monograph, Peter Kivy anticipates that his principal theses "are . , is a philosophical exploration of the silently read novel grounded in its author's own experience as a reader.

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