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How to Write a Thesis - Rowena Murray -

Rowena Murray graduated with MA (Hons) from Glasgow University and Ph D (with Distinction) from Pennsylvania State University and is a Fellow of the Hher Education Academy.


Has your writing (papers, grants, thesis, panic, papers, thesis, aargh, reports, papers, applications, papers, etc) got stuck? Could taking a half day to tune out the distractions, by attending a writing retreat be the answer? And we have a number of spin off s starting up that tell us you’re finding it a useful habit to get into. We all bring our laptops and we write together to get it done.

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BookReader - How to Write a Thesis, 3rd Edition Rowena Murray

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How to Write a Thesis Rowena Murray 9780335244287

“Demystifying Dissertation Writing” sits on my shelf of ‘how to’ books.

Writing your thesis rowena murray:

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