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The Battle of Mogadishu" by Joseph Rudderow. - Lycoming College

and United Nations soldiers got bogged down in a guerrilla war in Somalia in 1993-94, it wasn't just the rebel leader Mohammed Farah Aidid they were fhting it was the terrorist forces of Osama bin Laden, according to new intellence information obtained by DEBKA-Net-Weekly.

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Spiller is an assistant professor of history at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

<b>Black</b> <b>Hawk</b> War - Research Paper by Mark6884 - Anti <b>Essays</b>

Public Character and the Simulacrum - Taylor & Francis Online

The purpose of this mission, Operation Restore Hope, was to alleviate the famine, caused by drought and aggravated by civil war, that was ing between one thousand and three thousand Somalis every day.

Review of Mark Bowden's Black Hawk Down A Story of Modern.

In 1993, following the ousting of the central government and start of a civil war, a major United Nations military operation in Somalia is authorized with a peacekeeping mandate. Army Rangers, Delta Force counter-terrorist operators, and 160th SOAR aviators are deployed to Mogadishu to capture Aidid, who has proclaimed himself president of the country.

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